About Us


DRACO's strategic vision in the next 10 years is to become a reputable financial technology group. Operating in the markets of Asia Pacific countries. DRACO's main business lines are based on Digital Technology, Digital Marketing, and Strategic Finance products.

DRACO, a trusted companion to SME & STARTUP businesses. Helps apply modern digital technology to the management, operation and business of SME & STARTUP enterprises.

FINTECH DRACO CORPORATION is a multi-industry economic group

DRACO Finance and Technology Group started its business in early 2019. After nearly 4 years of development and accumulation, DRACO has developed many more business segments such as: Finance, Strategy, New Technology.

We have developed:

  • Digital Technology products such as: Website Services, Hosting Services, Server Services.
  • DRAERP system such as HRM, CRM, Ecommerce, Accounting, Warehouse,...
  • Digital Marketing services such as: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO, Content Marketing,...
  • Strategic finance such as: Project planning and finding capital sources for projects, Business 360 service consulting, Financial Accounting consulting services, Restructuring audit.

With the mission of bringing modern digital technology to SMEs and STARTUP businesses, DRACO wishes to contribute to the prosperity of SMEs in particular and the Vietnamese economy in general.

Draco always wants to cooperate with domestic and foreign partners

With the mission, to source capital for businesses. Professional corporate management consulting & restructuring consulting for SMEs. DRACO wishes to contribute in a small way to the prosperity of businesses and the Vietnamese economy.


The best quality

DRACO’s services apply new technology and advanced corporate governance models with international standards aiming at 5-star PREMIER service standards. Each product created by DRACO is based on customer quality and objective measures of software products.

Therefore, with every product we create, we always want to satisfy every business need. To be able to help businesses develop more significantly in the future.


Dedicated service

DRACO’s Service Principle is “Customer care is better than self-care”. Therefore, our team from leaders, managers to employees is always dedicated to serving and consulting customers thoughtfully before, during and after customers use products and services.

DRACO team is ready to serve customers anytime, anywhere within DRACO’s business area. Our commitment:

  • Served anytime, anywhere.
  • Thoughtful service and advice before, during and after using products and services.​


Absolute security

DRACO cares about the privacy of individuals and businesses when using our software systems. DRAERP system software commits to keeping customer information absolutely confidential. Customer data is stored on dedicated devices, helping to reduce potential threats.


Prestigious cooperation

  • DRACO Group applies new technology 4.0 and financial service products.
  • We provide customers with high quality, safe products and services with public, transparent and honest information, ensuring a balance of interests of all parties. Help DRACO’s cooperation with customers develop sustainably. With the principle of “WIN – WIN” cooperation and development.
  • We are committed to reputable, safe, and balanced cooperation to develop a sustainable connection between Customers & DRACO.


Professional team

  • The staff is highly specialized and has many years of experience in the fields of Information Technology and Finance and accounting from many large organizations.
  • The management team all have over 10 years of experience working in reputable organizations at home and abroad.


Our team

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