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Commodity derivative service

Commodity derivative service is a service that DRACO provides consultancy, support and brokerage for customers, including the seller and the buyer, to buy and sell a particular volume of goods at a specified price, standard and time of delivery in the future

There are 3 forms of commodity derivative:

  • Forward contracts: An agreement between two parties about the purchase or sale of an asset at a predetermined time in the future
  • Futures contracts: A contract that determines the price agreed to today, but delivers at a specific time in the future
  • Options contracts: A contract that helps buyers and sellers to have the option to buy first, sell later or sell first buy later, depending on the needs of investors.

Service processing

Service steps:

  • Step 1: Consulting and receiving customer needs
  • Step 2: Negotiating and signing the contract
  • Step 3: Executing the contract
  • Step 4: Reconciliation, reviewing, acceptance and payment
  • Step 5: Periodic evaluating and report

Service purposes and benefits

In order to help investors achieve high safety and low risk returns in the future, DRACO commits to provide professional, accurate, complete, and compliant commodity derivative services, including:

  • Consulting, assisting and brokerage for sellers and buyers to perform commodity transactions
  • Legal advice on procedures and documents for opening accounts and executing commodity transactions, contracts and options
  • Technical analysis, analysis and forecasting of factors affecting prices, seasonality, standards and quality of the goods such as economy, politics, climate, commodity markets and other suppliers to give the best comments, reviews and advice for customers
  • Receiving authorization from customers to perform derivative investment transactions