Brand Identity Design Product Package


Brand identity design consulting products are products and services. In particular, the supplier is DRACO, which provides brand identity design consulting services from research and analysis. Determine strategies to design products including: brand identity colors, brand color codes, brand symbols, logos,…


  • Research and analyze the current status of brands, markets, internal businesses and industries.
  • Determine brand positioning strategy, brand platform, brand model and brand architecture.
  • Design and determine brand identity colors.
  • Design and define brand color codes.
  • Design and define brand representative symbols.
  • Design and define abbreviations, prefixes or suffixes.
  • Design and define slogan and tagline for the brand.
  • Design and determine fonts and letter sizes.
  • Logo design for brand identity.


  • Have a complete brand identity set including: Abbreviations, brand symbols, brand color codes, brand logo,…
  • A complete brand identity set will help customers, partners and employees easily recognize and remember the brand image.
  • Help brands and products make an impression and differentiate themselves in the hearts of customers, partners and employees.
  • Colors, symbols and words are the key to connecting partners, customers and employees. Develop the orientation, values, vision and strategy of the business. From there, creating the foundation for developing the company’s culture and brand image.