Brand Template Board Design Product Package


Brand design consulting products are service products. In particular, the service provider DRACO will provide consulting services to design brand templates from the customer company’s brand identity information. The purpose is to create brand design templates including: advertising signs, standees, billboards, hoardings,…


  • Consulting on layout design from the customer’s existing brand identity information (colors, logos, brand symbols, abbreviations, slogans and taglines, fonts, …)
  • Consulting on background and main color combinations.
  • Consulting on image design or illustration elements for content.
  • Consulting on designing horizontal and vertical advertising signs.
  • Consulting on the design of advertising signs.
  • Backdrop design consulting.
  • Billboard design consulting.
  • Consulting on panel design.
  • Standee design consulting.


Through designing brand templates, customers can:

  • Increase brand recognition of customers, partners and employees. Through the company’s brand and products. Thereby, increasing brand coverage.
  • Helps brands and products make an impression and make a difference in the hearts of consumers.
  • Help customers, partners and employees easily remember the brand image.
  • Increase consistency and professionalism for the content and messages conveyed. All through the brand sample board system.
  • Through colors, symbols, words to spread to partners, customers and employees. To orient and enhance the value, vision and strategy of the business. From there, creating the foundation for developing the company’s culture and brand image.
  • Businesses quickly deploy marketing campaigns. Use existing templates in a professional and cost-effective way.