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Facebook Advertising (Facebook Ads) is the name of Facebook advertising service, allowing the display of advertising information of organizations/individuals on the Facebook social network. Advertisements on Facebook are automatically distributed based on many criteria such as gender, age, geographical area, and user behavior characteristics suitable for the business’s target customers. Facebook Ads helps businesses develop the image of their business and products to proactively reach potential customers, thereby increasing brand and product recognition and stimulating customers’ product purchasing behavior.


  • Facebook Ads – Brand Awareness.
  • Facebook Ads – Reach.
  • Facebook Ads – Traffic.
  • Facebook Ads – Post Engagement.
  • Facebook Ads – Like Page.
  • Facebook Ads – Video Views.
  • Facebook Ads – Lead Generation.
  • Facebook Ads – Messages.
  • Facebook Ads – Conversions.


Through online advertising on social network Facebook. Helps businesses achieve their goals:

  • Sell products through social network Facebook.
    Increase sale revenue.
  • Increase corporate brand recognition.
  • Increase product positioning with customers.
  • Market share growth.
  • Optimize marketing efficiency and reduce marketing costs.
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