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Hosting is a storage space divided from a server to help upload data, publish websites, or applications on the internet. When using the Hosting system, you place on the server (also known as server) of the provider the necessary data files for the website.

Hosting product packages are for projects that want to optimize infrastructure costs at a low cost while still ensuring fast speed, good stability, performance and security, meeting the requirements for all small and medium customer website. Particularly for products with large capacity of 10GB or more, there is a special Hosting package optimized specifically for businesses with website needs with large traffic volume, high stability, high performance and good data security. than.

In addition to hosting initialization and installation services, DRACO also provides hosting maintenance and troubleshooting services for customers in need.


  • Hosting initialization and installation service.
  • Hosting maintenance service.


  • Providing customers with reputable, quality, and cheap Hosting products. DRACO provides professional website hosting services for PHP source codes such as WordPress, Joomla, NukeViet, Drupal,… with powerful hardware and software resources.
  • Optimize infrastructure costs, with low costs but still ensure fast speed, good stability, higher performance and security, meeting the requirements for all small and medium-sized customer websites. .
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