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A server or server is a system (software and appropriate computer hardware) that responds to requests on a computer network to provide, or assist in providing, a network service. Servers can run on a dedicated computer, which is also often called a “server”, or multiple networked computers with host capabilities. In many cases, a single computer can provide multiple services and run a variety of services. The server product is DRACO’s VPS (Virtual Private Server) virtual server rental service to meet customers who need to use a server with full administrative rights, using a physical server with a microprocessor. high speed and separate data or custom server resource management without having to share with any other party. In addition to server initialization and installation services, DRACO also provides server maintenance and troubleshooting services for customers in need.


  • Server initialization and installation service.
  • Server maintenance service.
  • Mail server service.
  • Mail server initialization and installation service.
  • Mail server maintenance service.


Providing servers with the latest technology in both software and hardware to maximize server performance.

Competitive on selling price. Helps customers use newly configured servers at the same price as outdated servers provided on the market.

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