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FDI investment service

FDI consulting service is a form in which DRACO advises and supports enterprises to set up new foreign direct investment companies, Consulting and assisting business in mergers and acquisitions with foreign direct investment companies, in promoting and raising foreign capital for projects according to current regulations and laws.

Service purposes and benefits

With a team of experienced experts in the business, investment, finance, law field and having extensive relationships, fluency in foreign languages and wide knowledge of cultures and markets of many countries. We are committed to providing meticulous, professional, complete and legal FDI investment support services, including:

  • Advising to support legal procedures on investment forms such as: direct investment to establish FDI enterprises, investment in the form of capital contribution to buy shares of foreign investors
  • Searching for Real Estate and Enterprise projects
  • Searching for foreign investment capital sources suitable to customers’ needs – Representing domestic partners to negotiate and promote transactions with foreign investors.
  • Representing foreign investors to negotiate and promote transactions with domestic partners.

Service delivery process

Service steps:

  • Step 1: Customer sends information about demand in the form
  • Step 2: Negotiating
  • Step 3: Sign and execute the contract
  • Step 4: Acceptance and payment