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Fintech Draco Corporation is a multi-industry financial corporation dealing in the fields of Finance - Technology - Services.

DRACO multi-industry financial technology group

Business in Finance – Technology – Services, specializing in providing services including:

  1. Digital Technology products.
  2. DRAERP system.
  3. Support financial and accounting management.
  4. Digital Marketing
  5. Services.
  6. Strategic finance.

DRACO always wants to cooperate domestically and internationally to increase the value of all parties according to the criterion “WIN – WIN”.

For customers

Caring for customers more than yourself


Cooperation for development

DRACO Finance and Technology Group always wants to cooperate with domestic and foreign partners.
In order to increase the value of both parties according to the criterion "WIN - WIN".

Strategic vision: DRACO in the next 10 years will become a prestigious Finance and Technology Group operating in the markets of Asia Pacific countries.

Main business: DRACO Group based on Digital Technology, Digital Marketing, and Strategic Finance products.

DRACO, a trusted companion to SMEs and STARTUP businesses. To bring modern digital technology closer to SMEs and STARTUP enterprises.

DRACO's mission: bring a royal, safe, and happy life to customers, partners, and employees.
At the same time, contributing to the prosperity, stability and development of the Asia Pacific region in general and Vietnam in particular.